Under here, your huge hand is heavy on my chest.

Catching UFOs and missing everything else...

Hi, my name is not important. Twenty-something years young and hoping to find something I love doing soon. I'm a sad blogger most of the time. So come and get down with me.

The funny thing about being on a swing is that you’re moving. You can see the night sky with all the stars laid out before you. And you can look down and see the earth beneath you. It feels like you’re getting somewhere as you’re swinging but when you jump down you’re still right where you left off. That’s kind of how my life has been for the last five years or so. I’m just swinging and jumping down.

This is my job and while it makes me happy,  it’s not paying the bills. I’m working 2 jobs. I don’t care about anything. My back hurts all the time. All I think about is when it will be over…
I guess when I’m with the dogs it’s not so bad.  But it’s not like I’m there enough. I really screwed up.  I don’t know why I left a ft job that paid so well to try and make myself happy.  Why didn’t I realize that the only thing that matters in this world is money. And that my happiness is out of reach.
I’m always starting over.

“So, if you get anal glanded on, yes that is a verb…”

—   My Small Animal General Practice lecturer (via why-i-am-a-vet-student)

Oh boy. One day.

(via getmeintovetschool)

I wish someone had a job that involved cheering me up.

My car was stolen. I’m not in school. My apartment is shitty. I’m tired. I’m sick. I just want it to end.

I just want to drink whiskey and pop pills.

Sick to my stomach.

I’m filled with bad luck. I know things can always be worse. But I’m sick of it all. I know where my rope ends.



The police in Ferguson are spraying tear gas and arresting peaceful protesters and reporters (2 reporters so far). Christina Coleman is an NBC Channel 5 news anchor from St. Louis…Son.

wow, that last photo.